Momentum Brum campaign to re-enfranchise members, pls watch/share

Birmingham Labour Party :- STOP this CRASS undemocratic CRUSHING of MEMBERS


The SKWAWKBOX covered some time ago the issue of the massive disenfranchisement of Labour members from the selection of candidates for local and national elections – an incredible seven-year deprivation of their democratic rights as Labour members by right-wingers prepared to act unlawfully to maintain their hold on power in a major city.

bad-smell-ad11Things are not getting any better – with an impending by-election, the right are standing a previously-deselected councillor against a pro-Corbyn candidate – with huge numbers of Corbyn-supporting members barred from voting in the selection by the ridiculous ‘freeze date’ of July 2015.

Momentum in Birmingham are looking for your help in raising awareness of this disgraceful, anti-democratic behaviour and to overturn it. Please watch the video below then act and – wherever you live – share:

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