Tory ‘#Pendle BNP’ slur v Labour masks ‘threats, coercion, vote fraud’

I’ve been a Labour Councillor! Nothing would persuade me to change Party. I’m in the Labour Party! Nobody would persuade me to leave!


This has been one of the hardest articles to frame that I’ve written, because the events seem so extreme, even for the current political climate – but the people who brought me the information was referred to me by impeccable sources.

The SKWAWKBOX has highlighted the serious concerns of observers about ‘unusual’ process at the Copeland by-election and the potential invalidity of the result there. Fears of ‘ghost votes’ and ballot-rigging are worrying enough, but it appears that Tories not all that far from Cumbria are not averse to doing that and much worse – more direct, brutal and frightening measures where they feel these might be successful.

In the Commons earlier this week Andrew Stephenson, the Tory MP for the Lancashire town of Pendle, sneeringly accused local Labour and LibDem councillors of a ‘shabby’ deal with the town’s one BNP councillor to get a budget deal passed:

Yesterday, the Lancashire Telegraph reported on…

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