Blairites use community leaflet as pretext to threaten ANOTHER CLP suspension

What Labour Party Rules would be breached? On first reading, I see NOTHING contentious?


Earlier this week, the following email was circulated to members of Wimbledon CLP (constituency Labour party) by its largely pro-Corbyn executive (emphases by the SKWAWKBOX):

Weekly news for Wimbledon Labour Party members and supporters View this email in your browser


We regret to have to inform members that 40,000 leaflets explaining to parents and residents why the Harris proposals for a new secondary school on the cramped Meranton Way industrial site are unacceptable, will not be delivered door to door as planned, and will be binned.

The leaflets reflect Wimbledon Labour’s policy, debated and agreed at three separate all member meetings, that the proposed school is on the wrong site, and is the wrong size.

Our policy in effect is being censored by the powers that be. The leaflets were printed at a cost of £1,000, but will not be used, and are destined for the…

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