No brick, bullying or charges – but #Wallasey vice-Chair suspended, expulsion likely

Justice WILL prevail
This perversity WILL be righted
Paul Davies WILL be exonerated


The mainstream media are today reporting that Wallasey vice-Chair Paul Davies has been suspended by the Labour party because of ‘bullying allegations’.

pdWallasey CLP vice-Chair Paul Davies

pd.jpgThe SKWAWKBOX has reported at length on the fiasco in Wallasey, where the local party has been suspended after ridiculous – and long sincediscredited – allegations of homophobia and intimidation.

Not only that, but the constituency’s Labour MP, Angela Eagle, claimed to have the support of the party’s leader when in fact he had attended an NEC hearing to oppose her, while claims of abusive phone-calls remain completely unevidenced and police finally admitted that the infamous broken window was not in Angela Eagle’s office – and that there was no ‘brick’.

By contrast, allegations against Mr Davies have been proven to be false – but no action has so far been taken against the dishonest accusers.

In their announcements today about…

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