For #May to do this, #Hammond must be hiding something huge. #taxreturn


may hamm.jpgAs Chancellor Philip Hammond came under increasing fire today for refusing to publish his tax return, Downing Street today announced that Theresa May will not be publishing her tax return, as Politics Home editor Kevin Schofield, still with egg on his face for his continued gaffe about Corbyn’s income figures, revealed:

schofield may.jpgThere’s a small problem with Theresa May’s attempt to show solidarity with her Chancellor though: she already published not one, but four years of her tax returns.

During last year’s brief and aborted contest for the Tory leadership, Mrs May attempted to embarrass her rival Andrea Leadsom by making her tax affairs public:

indie may tax.jpgHere is May’s release summary:

may-tax-returnIf Theresa May is so desperate to bolster Philip Hammond’s attempts to avoid releasing his tax returns that she’ll refuse to release information and hopes we’ll forget that she did exactly that just 8 months go…

…then just what is Hammond 

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