Coyne campaign DPA breach exposed – yet they’re STILL sending emails

A Bitteriiite has conspired.
❌ Coyne’s campaign team are still sending unsolicited emails to illegally-obtained email addresses❌
Hang ’em High is a great Western


Almost two weeks ago, the SKWAWKBOX exposed how the Gerard Coyne campaign for the leadership of the Unite union committed an apparent DPA (Data Protection Act) breach, in conjunction with someone at the Labour Party, by sending a series of emails to Labour members who are not and never have been members of Unite to promote Coyne’s candidacy.

In spite of the exposure of the breach by this blog and its widespread dissemination on social media, Coyne’s campaign team are still sending unsolicited emails to illegally-obtained email addresses – of people who can’t vote for him anyway.

This suggests not just a huge absence of integrity but also a gross incompetence and serious desperation by a team trying desperately to save a campaign that many are saying will be ‘lucky to come third’ out of three candidates.

This is the latest email to be sent out and it…

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Exclusive: Coyne’s EDL fan – new info and images

Never mind Len wanting to know

I want to know!

It says everything we on the Left know about the “Moderates”


Twitter is abuzz this morning with news of the EDL’s (English Defence League, a neo-fascist, racist organisation) ‘systems adminstrator’ Roy Higginson outside the Vauxhall plant in Ellesmere Port campaigning for Unite leadership challenger Gerard Coyne. Here is Higginson’s own image of himself outside the plant, which he posted on an EDL Facebook page and which is already in general circulation:


Incumbent Len McCluskey’s campaign has issued a strong statement calling on Coyne to explain or repudiate the fact of his support by a far-right hate group.

Distance and poor light flatter Mr Higginson. This image taken by a Unite officer, which to our knowledge has not yet been in circulation, shows him a little more clearly:


Other coverage also – from what we’ve seen so far – has also missed Mr Higginson’s own explanation for his support for Gerard Coyne, which is further down his personal Facebook page:

higg coyne.jpg

That’s right…

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Statesman’s Prescott piece is really an evisceration of the ‘moderates’

❌ PLP is in civil war status❌

It’s not carrying out what it should do –

that is, 🔴project Labour’s policies🔴


Confirming its new status as the hostile mouthpiece of the Lib Dems, the New Statesman has run an article by former deputy Prime Minister John Prescott under a headline of

John Prescott on Labour: “This must be the worst operation I’ve ever seen”

prescottFormer Deputy PM John Prescott

Seeing that, you’d think he was talking about Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. That’s very far from the case.

Instead, Prescott launches immediately into an attack on the [rebel] PLP (parliamentary Labour party) – and it’s in that context that he talks of an ‘operation’:

I’ve attended a thousand PLP meetings. This must be the worst operation I’ve ever seen. It is more about personality politics than in the past.

He talks briefly about the undoubted achievements of the last Labour government and the fact that its legacy has been obliterated by the disaster of the illegal Iraq war – but then, in case…

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Rubbishing McCluskey’s #BBCQT s ‘Labour neck/neck pre-coup’? See this.

Imagine fighting:-
Media Barons (The Non Dom tax-evaders)
Conservative Party
AND Chicken Coupers i.e. Most of PLP



Len McCluskey – clearly the only real Labour representative on BBC Question Time tonight – attacked Labour’s right-wing plotters and placed the blame for Labour’s current polling squarely on their shoulders.

mccluskeyTypically, the right-wing panel – including nominally Labour Lisa Nandy – rubbished the claim, as have some on social media. They’ll find this table – by Tory-owned polling company YouGov – a bit inconvenient:

vote intentionThe table clearly shows that in three consecutive Yougov polls leading up to the notorious ‘chicken coup‘ that kicked off in the aftermath of the EU referendum, Labour was ahead of the Tories – and YouGov are no friend to the Labour Party.

It also makes unmissably clear when Labour’s polling downturn began – Labour’s July numbers tumbled, and the Tories’ rose, to around current levels immediately after the blairite resignations and the start of their nonsensical and doomed leadership challenge.

If Corbyn’s…

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Right’s declaration of war means gloves off for #deselection

The HardBitteriiites Machiavellian tactics won’t work

My Labour Party will NOT go back to Austerity-lite Labour



chamberlain red.pngA woeful article by George Eaton in the now-LibDemNew Statesman contains an extraordinary – and extraordinarily ill-advised – admission by a right-wing Labour MP.

George Eaton’s attack piece, which should be given no more credence for its conclusions about Jeremy Corbyn than any other hostile publication, tries to assume its conclusion that the Labour leader has to go – but that’s just ‘business as usual’ from hostile media. (It won’t be linked from this blog as we have no wish to drive traffic to a poor site, but you’ll find it easily enough if you’re so inclined, by searching for Eaton’s name and “Jeremy knows”.)

Of far greater significance, though, is that reckless admission:

purge.pngThis amounts to a declaration of war by a Labour Right that has become increasingly desperate recently – which probably explains the recklessness.

Right-wing Labour MPs and their supporters have bleated incessantly about the supposed…

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New Statesman’s ‘fake news’ on #PMQs/#Brexit/#A50 signals liberal switch

New Statesman? Desperate for headlines
Their principles in tatters

They’ve put two fingers up, to us on the Left


Sometimes you just despair, especially when as a ‘citizen journalist’ you try to emphasise the actual ‘journalist’ bit, with some objectivity if not impartiality, combined with a reasonable grasp of facts and context.

The New Statesman (NS) is a nominally Labour-supporting publication, but it seems largely to define ‘Labour’ with ‘New’ in front of it. It has rarely been a friend to the new leadership and its supporters and has often seemed to take the most negative angle on any action, statement or strategy by Jeremy Corbyn and his team.

But today plumbed a new low, with an article published after today’s PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions) and the subsequent Brexit/Article 50 announcement by Theresa May and the discussion that followed it:

anoosh brexit.pngThe problem is that PMQs was not the place for a Brexit discussion today. When PMQs finished, May gave her formal statement on the triggering of Article 50…

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Coyne’s ‘secret diary’: brutal, very funny, barely satire

I’ve just voted for Len
Off out now to post it


Came across this, which made me laugh – which is not insignificant given its subject. For some reason, there’s no reblog button, so here’s a taster and go to the original for the rest via the link at the end:


Saturday 25/03/17 8:00

Dear Diary

I’m so pleased, my new best mate Rupert Murdoch has arranged another attack piece in Sunday Times tomorrow. Was a bit concerned I’d have no muck left to sling but Tom Watson has done an amazing job as my campaign manager and got another truck load delivered for me.

Bit surprised by the negative response to me writing in the Sun. Just because a paper has consistently attacked the trade union movement and was responsible for the destruction of unionised labour in their workplace, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t write for them.

Rupert asked if I could whistle a tune, which was strange. I asked why and he…

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‘No holds barred’ fact-check from McCluskey team as #Unite polls open

As a member of Unite, my vote will be for Len


mccluskeyLen McCluskey

The SKWAWKBOX has received a statement from Len McCluskey’s campaign team for release as polls open today in the election of Unite’s next General Secretary. It pulls no punches:

As ballots begin to fall through letterboxes for the Unite General Secretary election, members deserve to have reliable information, not ‘alternative facts’, to hand while making their choice.

Vibrant election campaigns are part of the lifeblood of a healthy union, and seeing candidates put forward alternative visions for Britain’s biggest trade union is always an exciting part of an activist’s calendar. But this campaign has been marked by a number of misleading or demonstrably false claims from Gerard Coyne’s campaign, not just attacking Len McCluskey but damage Unite’s democracy as a whole. This is a quick fact-checker to ensure the record is set straight as ballots drop.

Claim: Len McCluskey is more interested in Labour politics than members Fact:…

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Coyne’s ‘dirty tricks’ on apartments and what he’d rather you forget

Coyne is duplicitous at best! A pawn used by Bitteriiites


Voting in the contest for the General Secretary’s position in the Unite union has opened today and Unite members should receive ballot papers shortly.

The SKWAWKBOX has made no secret of its recommendation of Len McCluskey as a union leader who understands the critical role unions – and Unite is the UK’s biggest – in not just industrial disputes and negotiations but also in the wider political and social scene.

Coyne, by contrast, imagines a Trump-like isolationism for Unite, claiming to want to pull back from any involvement in Labour politics – although even in this he’s been more than ready to depart from his principles when the right wing of the party has needed his support.

glasshousestone.pngCoyne, Watson and Simon – a fragile edifice?

Party politics is not the only area in which Mr Coyne has been willing to forget principles if he sees a short-term political gain in…

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