@theresa_may – you’ll ‘take no #NHS lessons’? Dare you go to #Stafford, hear #MidStaffs truth?

There is “MidStaffs The Myth” AltReich pushed by Tabloid Tories
&there’s “MidStaffs The Reality” The REAL Truth


In Prime Minister’s Questions today, Theresa May – as is her wont when she’s on the hook and can’t think of a better ‘out’ – went on the cheap attack today by parroting her predecessor’s worn-out line:

I’ll take no lessons on the NHS from the party that presided over Mid Staffs Hospital

may-mid-staffsMid Staffs, 5 years ago, was a by-word for poor care and ‘unnecessary’ deaths that featured almost daily in the billionaire-owned and Tory-suborned media, with claims of thirsty patients drinking from vases and ‘400-1200 unnecessary deaths’:

midstaffs.pngAnd it was all a lie.

The series of articles that put the SKWAWKBOX on the map exposed theutter fallacy of the ‘unnecessary deaths’ claims that had become a convenient political tool for government and media that wanted to damage Labour’s strength on the NHS.

Even ‘experts’ at the heart of the propagation of the myth occasionally slipped and admitted…

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