Seems ‘PhD’ not #Nuttall’s ONLY fake qualification #StokeCentral #WalterNutty

Brilliant brilliant journalism
Paul Nuttall’s reputation is exposed for all top see and understand
Billy LIAR is the kindest description I can offer Nuttall


Amid the furore (initiated by the SKWAWKBOX’s analysis) over the last few weeks about UKIP leader Paul Nuttall’s fake Hillsborough claims, their exposure, his subsequent implosion and failed fightback, talk of some of his other fake claims has faded into the background – except as, well, background for the various Hillsborough revelations in the mainstream media.

However, one of the first solid revelations of Nuttall’s apparent ‘Walter Nutty‘ compulsions was the confirmed fact that his claim to have a ‘PhD’ doctorate in History was false – an ‘error’ that he subsequently blamed on an overzealous ‘press officer’, exactly the same (debunked) excuse he used this month for his false ‘lost close friends at Hillsborough’ claim.

It appears that this may not have been Mr Nuttall’s only ‘Walter’ moment as regards his education. Nuttall’s MEP web pages have now been removed, but a quick google of “Paul…

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