#Copeland, #Tories care SO little for your #NHS they can’t even be bothered to pretend


You kind of expect a Tory politician to be arrogant. That – along with a colluding media machine – is probably why they often get away with it. But there are times even they can surprise you with the sheer scale of their hubris.

The Tories are fighting two by-elections this week. In Stoke, they don’t seem to be making much effort and seem to be happy to stand back and leave their UKIP surrogates a clear field to try – and, it looks like, fail – to beat Labour.

But in the Cumbrian seat of Copeland, they claim to be the main threat to a Labour hold – and the key battleground is the NHS, an issue on which even the most anti-Labour media concede that Labour holds the high ground.

The reason it’s the key battleground is that there have been reports for ages that Copeland’s local hospital…

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