Theresa May fails to get taxi after four times dodging question about destination


Theresa May has failed to get a taxi after repeatedly dodging a question from the driver about where she would like to go.


The Prime Minister had been on a by-election campaign visit to Copeland, where she had repeatedly dodged a question about closing a maternity ward, before hailing a cab.

Asked “Where to?” by the driver, Mrs May said: “First of all, the Labour party have been misleading in their representation of where I would like to go. Trudy Harrison, our candidate, knows the importance of the destination being correct. What is important-”

“Where do you want to go?” said the driver.

“What is important,” Mrs May pressed on, “is that Trudy Harrison is a candidate who has made clear her views on the destination, not just to me but to ministers.

“But she’s also somebody who has a track record of going to the right place.”

“Where do…

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