#CliveLewis: Guardian got it wrong, the right is attacking me, not the left

Or, Israeli Bitteriiiite Agent, with full deniability, of course


The SKWAWKBOX has talked to Labour MP Clive Lewis this afternoon, who has asked for help correcting a false impression created by the media about his opinion regarding the source of the fake websites set up in his name last June.

This blog’s article in the early hours of this morning stated, based on a Guardian article about the sites, that Mr Lewis thought the left was responsible for the attempt to smear him. Clive wishes to clarify that the Guardian’s claim resulted from a misunderstanding by the newspaper, which they subsequently corrected at his request (and fair play to them for that).

He went on to elaborate that he firmly believes Labour’s right-wing faction are firmly at the centre of the ‘false flag’ move, pointing the finger at a journalist deeply involved in the ‘scandal’ that he says is a ‘go to journalist’ for the incongruously-named ‘moderates’.

This would fit…

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#PLP #hissyfit over #Abbott/#Shami. Seems it’s ok to attack women, long as they’re of colour

High hypocrisy


Last night’s ‘outrage’ (read ‘petulance’) on the part of the right-wing elements of the PLP (Parliamentary Labour Party) said nothing about its targets and everything about the whiners whose ‘pet lip you could sit on’, as this writer’s old mother used to say.

Shadow Attorney General Shami Chakrabarti and Diane Abbott ‘offended’ the ‘right-whingers’ by going for a drink together rather than turn up to a non-event meeting to be bullied and abused. The horror of it. Two women, drinking.

diane-shamiHorror of horrors: two women in a bar

If a bunch of people attacked two women for having a drink, the likes of ‘feminist’ leader of the women’s PLP Jess Phillips would be up in arms. When they’re attacking two women of colour who support Corbyn, the silence is deafening. Odd that.

Of course, when you look in more detail at what the complainers are ‘outraged’ about, it’s very clear…

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Does this BBC video support #Copeland ‘suspect count’ allegations?

The Sherlock Holmes of UKJournalism, I presume!!!!
Skwawkbox strikes again


Earlier this evening, the SKWAWKBOX published information provided by independent electoral analysts Applied I F Limited, which indicates that the process for completing an election lawfully had not been completed properly in the Copeland by-election – and that the vote count was therefore suspect.

In the early hours of Friday morning, after the Stoke Central result had already been announced and discussed, the BBC switched to Tom Bateman, its reporter in the Cumbrian constituency for an update.

Bear in mind that, late on Thursday evening, various commentators – including BBC Question Time’s David Dimbleby, had stated they were hearing that it was ‘looking very much like’ Labour had held Copeland as well as Stoke Central.

Bateman then tells studio host Andrew Neil:

bateman.pngAt the time, before the result had been announced, it seemed a little odd but not necessarily significant.

Now, in the wake of a claim by an…

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Have you heard of the Nazis and do they remind you of anyone? world asks US


There were these really bad people called Nazis and it might be for everyone’s good if you looked into that, the world has said to America.

trump-supporters-nazi-salute What is wrong with this picture of Trump supporters? world asks US.

The world told the US: “It was this terrible episode in history which frankly we’re beginning to wonder if you know about.

“They accused the media of lying and took control of it. Can you think of any leaders today who are calling the media liars and seem keen to control it? Think hard.

“They were led by this chap who thought the public was stupid and forgetful – boxes you’re ticking by the way – and that the bigger the lie the more it would be believed.

“He loved big rallies, where he’d appeal to fear and resentment and present himself as the solution.

“He liked slogans and promised to make…

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