Please sign and share this open letter in support of Corbyn’s Brexit handling


open-letter-of-supportJeremy Corbyn’s opponents have a long habit of setting up pseudo-Labour entities to promote their agenda and undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Labour Leave, for example, showed its true colours by donating £18,500 to UKIP last year.

One more such group has sprung up, of unknown funding sources, and is receiving much attention from media outlets all too keen to divert attention from Theresa May’s implosion on Brexit by portraying Labour and its leader as the party in the greatest Brexit trouble.

Labour against Brexit (@Labour4EU on Twitter) was founded by Jon Proctor, a Progress supporter (surprise) with a criminal record, who was taken to task last year by Labour members in the north-east for claiming they were massively opposed to Jeremy Corbyn.

In spite of the credibility issues raised by these facts, Mr Proctor has been given a platform by the Guardian, on the basis of just a few…

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