Explosive statement from Wallasey vice-Chair to NEC highlights further abuse

Comrade Paul Davies is being persecuted.

Let’s see the evidence NEC!


Wallasey CLP (constituency Labour party) vice-Chair Paul Davies is the subject of a disciplinary investigation by Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) for defending his local members from discredited but highly-publicised and apparently politically-driven allegations.

pd2In exasperation at the lack of detail about what, exactly, he is under investigation for and the one-sidedness of situation, Mr Davies has reluctantly taken the step of writing to the NEC with a statement of his analysis of the situation – and releasing it for publication.

The full statement, which is 19 pages long, is available at the end of this article. Some key excerpts are below – including explosive information confirming a second proven-false allegation against Davies on top of the one already detailed on this blog, and again seemingly ignored as a factor by the NEC’s ‘Disputes Panel’.

Regardless of the fact that there are anonymous people making mainly unspecific allegations which allegedly…

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