Exclusive: letter suggests shady #fakenews dealings at NEC/Liverpool Riverside CLP

#Alt–Reich Bitteriiiites


This blog covered the undemocratic imposition by Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) on Liverpool’s Riverside CLP (constituency Labour party) of branch/delegate structures that hugely multiply the bureaucracy of running the CLP while radically disenfranchising individual members, especially with regard to candidate selection at a time when the membership looked like deselecting right-wing candidates.

The SKWAWKBOX also recently exposed the dysfunction of the NEC because of two additional members imposed on it – ridiculously – by voted-out NEC members before their departure, via unlawful measures at last year’s annual conference in Liverpool.

Some time ago, one Riverside constituent wrote directly to Labour General Secretary Iain McNicol and the NEC about Riverside’s situation, the reasons behind it and the then-imminent NEC investigation report. That report is not yet publicly available but, from the way it has been used to change the structures of the CLP in favour of the right-wing incumbents, appears to be…

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One thought on “Exclusive: letter suggests shady #fakenews dealings at NEC/Liverpool Riverside CLP

  1. It’s pointless complaining to the NEC. It would probably be better to go straight to the horses mouth & complain to the Israeli embassy. Because it’s looking more & more likely that, that is where the coup plot was instigated.

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