‘Best possible deal’ is as meaningless as ‘Brexit means Brexit’

Brexit means BREXIT means RedWhiteAndBlueBrexit means BestPossibleDealBrexit
And more platitudes Maybe?


So, Theresa May has finally said something intelligible about her intentions regarding the UK’s departure from the EU. It’s not much – and will be economically damaging – but at least her announcement that immigration controls trump (pun intended) full free market access is less nebulous than the dross she’s been doling out so far.

However, ‘habits mean habits’, so it only took seconds for something equally meaningless to become the latest soundbite: the ‘best possible deal’.

The problem is that ‘best possible’ might mean ‘absolute crap’, if absolute crap is the best you can get. And it’s likely to be.

may turd.pngThis author has seen a number of films – it’s a fairly common device – in which someone if, for example, being engulfed in flames and someone puts a bullet in them to bring a ‘merciful’ end to their suffering.

Being shot in the head is crap – but…

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