#smearwegoagain It’s not #Fabians talking 20%. It’s Harrop – and no surprise

#Smearwegoagain is a fitting label 👏


BBC News, predictably, is treating a prediction ‘by the think-tank The Fabian Society’ of electoral disaster as news this morning. Not just news, but a main news feature – prolonged discussions with (of course) right-wing pundits all too happy to talk up the important of the ‘report’ and to talk down Labour’s political credibility.

Except it’s not a ‘Fabians report’ – it’s an individual comment, by someone whose opinion should surprise nobody and certainly isn’t ‘news’, although it’s timing is certainly convenient for enemies of Labour’s direction under its leader.

The comments are put out by Andrew Harrop, the General Secretary of The Fabian Society, an organisation with a longstanding link with the Labour Party – but they are his personal comments and not those of the Fabians.

How do we know? He says so, on his Twitter profile:


“The Society does not take collective positions” – no room for doubt.

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