Er, #GerardCoyne, you just said you wanted to keep #Unite OUT of politics

👁Best way to keep #Unite out of politics, is to be political👁


The SKWAWKBOX has criticised Gerard Coyne, Len McCluskey’s right-leaning challenger for the leadership of the Unite union, for the blinkered, Trump-like, cynical insularity and shortsightedness of his ‘vision’ for Unite if he should win, which in the opinion of this blog would be an unmitigated disaster. The UK’s biggest union needs a leader who understands that ‘everything is politics’ and that his/her members’ interests can only truly be understood and served by a union that is fully engaged in politics because those interests are affected by everything that goes on in this country.

However, it appears that Mr Coyne cannot even be credited with any firmness in his thinking, as he today gave a speech jumping into – well, wider politics:

coyne immig.png

If anything could make even clearer the fact that his ‘anti-politics’ stance is merely a transparent attempt to prevent the union’s involvement in any future Labour leadership…

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