#ResignMay – you knew, you were silent, you consented #Muslimban #DumpTrumpsChump

#Mayhem, Selling the Soul of our Country, for Brexit’s sake!


Channel 4 has revealed – as tens of thousands of people protested around the UK this evening  – that Theresa May was told, in advance when she visited the White House, about Donald Trump’s plan to ban Muslim immigrants from entering the US.

resignmay.pngAs C4 political editor Gary Gibbon pointed out, even after the end of May’s US visit and a long transatlantic flight to Turkey, she was trying to avoid answering questions about the ban, which had been announced in the interim.

Mrs May had to be asked three times and even when she eventually answered, she failed to have an opinion on it one way or the other. She then went on to whitewash Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s despotic round-up of political opponents, which cost hundreds of lives and put tens of thousands in prison, as a

defence of democracy

Like the worst kind of enabler, she is…

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The amendments Labour is pushing to #Brexit bill, for ALL our sakes. Pls share


Haven’t seen a huge amount of publicity about the amendments that Labour is targeting with regard to the government’s ‘Article 50’ bill, but they are key to understanding why Jeremy Corbyn is ‘boxing clever‘ about 3-line whips and ‘keeping his powder dry’ by not joining with the minor parties in token resistance.

Which is probably why you’re not seeing a lot of publicity about them – it would upset the media’s preferred narrative of Labour chaos to distract you from the real chaos taking place in the Tory party and Theresa May’s head.

labour amendments.pngHere they are, with modicum of commentary from Labour’s website and this writer’s comments in italics after each:

1. Vote on the final deal

Allow a meaningful vote in Parliament on the final Brexit deal

Labour’s amendment would ensure that the House of Commons has the first say on any proposed deal and that the

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Please sign and share this open letter in support of Corbyn’s Brexit handling


open-letter-of-supportJeremy Corbyn’s opponents have a long habit of setting up pseudo-Labour entities to promote their agenda and undermine Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. Labour Leave, for example, showed its true colours by donating £18,500 to UKIP last year.

One more such group has sprung up, of unknown funding sources, and is receiving much attention from media outlets all too keen to divert attention from Theresa May’s implosion on Brexit by portraying Labour and its leader as the party in the greatest Brexit trouble.

Labour against Brexit (@Labour4EU on Twitter) was founded by Jon Proctor, a Progress supporter (surprise) with a criminal record, who was taken to task last year by Labour members in the north-east for claiming they were massively opposed to Jeremy Corbyn.

In spite of the credibility issues raised by these facts, Mr Proctor has been given a platform by the Guardian, on the basis of just a few…

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If #Article50/#3LineWhip have you stumped, these 2 perspectives may help


Jeremy Corbyn is playing his Brexit hand cleverly, although you’d never guess it by listening to media pundits and, as the old story goes, ‘you wouldn’t want to start from here’.

But if you’re not familiar with parliamentary processes and terminology, all the talk of ‘three line whips’, ‘stages’ etc can easily be confusing and you might not see what Corbyn’s doing and why he’s playing it cleverly.

So these two perspectives on the situation, which this writer picked up in various places, may be helpful. Where the author is known, s/he is credited – if the other is yours and you can show provenance I’ll be delighted to credit you.

‘Horns of a dilemma’ – but it’s the Tories who are on it

dilemma.pngTerminology, process and the politics of the thing

Then there’s this excellent piece by Tommy Cockerham:

So if you’ve been following this in the press you may be…

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Explosive statement from Wallasey vice-Chair to NEC highlights further abuse

Comrade Paul Davies is being persecuted.

Let’s see the evidence NEC!


Wallasey CLP (constituency Labour party) vice-Chair Paul Davies is the subject of a disciplinary investigation by Labour’s NEC (National Executive Committee) for defending his local members from discredited but highly-publicised and apparently politically-driven allegations.

pd2In exasperation at the lack of detail about what, exactly, he is under investigation for and the one-sidedness of situation, Mr Davies has reluctantly taken the step of writing to the NEC with a statement of his analysis of the situation – and releasing it for publication.

The full statement, which is 19 pages long, is available at the end of this article. Some key excerpts are below – including explosive information confirming a second proven-false allegation against Davies on top of the one already detailed on this blog, and again seemingly ignored as a factor by the NEC’s ‘Disputes Panel’.

Regardless of the fact that there are anonymous people making mainly unspecific allegations which allegedly…

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