Guardian corrects re ‘Eagle’ window. If you work for #Progressonline, that’s ‘depressing’

I am really tired of repeating this information.
Is there anyone on this planet still think Angela Eagle’s office was attacked?
It wasn’t! End of!!!!!!


Remarkable and oh so telling tweet yesterday afternoon by Conor Pope, deputy editor of Progressonline:


That the Guardian bothered to correct an inaccuracy that has been blithely repeated ad nauseam by every mainstream media outlet is remarkable. Independent commentators have pointed out that the window was in a communal stairwell of the Wallasey building in which Ms Eagle’s constituency office is situated, not in her actual office.

The correction does not overclaim and should be uncontentious, you’d think. In fact, it underclaims – as an FOI response obtained from Merseyside police by the excellent ‘Wirral in it‘ blog has made clear, there is not even any solid evidence of the existence of the brick. Lots of things can break a window – elbows, fists, a snooker ball in a sock.

And even if there was a brick, there is absolutely no evidence that it was ‘thrown’…

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