I love to say ‘I told you so’ #polls #Labour #Tories #UKIP

Bitterites need to unite against the true blue enemy! Not remain an enema within the party


f4c7a7c8-580d-456e-abaf-ece7254ae55f.gifWhen I wrote an article last weekend to the effect that the by-election result in the Shropshire ward of Horsehay & Lightmoor showed that, in spite of continuing to make confident predictions based on polling, ‘pollsters’ have no idea what’s really happening, I received a massive amount of stick on social media from right-wing Labour ‘moderates’.

You’d almost think they wanted Labour to do badly at the ballot box so they could bring down Jeremy Corbyn.

Following poor (but far from surprising) results in a couple of parliamentary by-elections that Labour were never going to win anyway, the Labour right-wingers in Parliament and their cheerleaders were falling over themselves to make dire predictions and to pontificate about the supposed threat to Labour in its heartlands from UKIP and the supposed abandonment of Labour by urban voters.

But on the same night as the Tories held Sleaford in Tory/UKIP-dominated Lincolnshire, a 24.3%

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