Guest post: Theresa May and her inner Marie Antoinette

28% of our kids live in poverty, Theresa May! Tory Austerity IS to blame!


may antoinette.png

A year ago Theresa May showed scant regard for the concerns of the masses as she wholeheartedly embraced the rush to frack. It was a case of frack what the public think and to hell with it. There is money to be made so why worry about the ‘green and pleasant land’ or aquifers and a little water contamination!

Her laissez-faire attitude suggested lack of concern, connection or understanding of everyday working folk.  You can almost imagine the arrogance, ‘water pollution, then let them drink Perrier!’

No matter how many times she dresses her language up to sound like she has an interest in social justice and fairness or even a passing concern for the average person, her actions always reveal the real May. Her ‘JAMs’ speech on the steps of Downing Street was a master class in saying one thing whilst actively promoting the opposite away from the cameras…

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