“Trump”-card – Coyne wants to wall Unite off from Tory-blighted Britain

Last week, I joined Unite, to fight against Coyne, and all the rightwing rhetoric that’s going to come! I urge everyone, who can afford to, to join Unite!


When the SKWAWKBOX covered the announcement by Gerard Coyne that he would contest the election for General Secretary of Unite with Len McCluskey, this blog urged readers to support McCluskey’s candidacy.

But it did so on the basis that Coyne represented too great a risk and was supported by leading opponents of Corbyn in Progress/Labour First. I attempted to give him the benefit of the doubt as an individual, as his stance on Corbyn and Unite’s direction was at that time unknown.

But Coyne has now broken cover with a pitch for the leadership in the Guardian – and has removed all doubt. Risk has vanished and been replaced by threat – threat that means he must not get anywhere near the Unite leadership.


Coyne’s Guardian article is a case study in small-minded isolationism dressed up as modernisation that would be worthy of US President-elect Donald Trump. He encourages his…

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