Portuguese communists end their congress

The value of labour, culture, and national production. Yes!

They spoke of their country and of national sovereignty. Yes!


Speech by Jerónimo de Sousa, General Secretary  4 December 2016, Almada

Comrades and friends

Dear guests!

On the verge of the closing of the XX Congress, we can say that we have successfully achieved the objectives we set ourselves.

Firstly, with the degree of involvement and participation of the delegates. Their permanent presence and participation dignified the mandate they were given. Nobody forced them. It was an act of freedom and responsibility, of free men and women who strive for a better life for the workers and Portuguese people, men and women who make a difference in how they are in politics, in this Party.

Even in the Congresses, the parties are not all the same.

We also salute the comrades and invited friends who are always present, expressing their support for the speeches. Delegates from Bragança or Flores Island [Azores] spoke about life, the problems of their region, their…

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