Eugene McCartan on Britain and Ireland, the EU and imperialism

The path to Socialism is all I ask….



Speech by Eugene McCartan general secretary, Communist Party of Ireland to the 54th Congress of Communist Party of Britain

November 2016


On behalf of the Communist Party of Ireland I would like to extend warmest solidarity greetings to the Communist Party of Britain, and in particular to the delegates attending this 54th Congress of your party.

It is always a pleasure to attend events organised by your party, a party with which we share a great deal of common interests and common understanding, since we confront a common enemy: British imperialism.


These are very challenging times for the workers’ movement, here in Britain, in Ireland, and globally. Our class continues to experience daily the continuing assault by monopoly capitalism on the gains of the working class, gains made from hard and bitter struggles and self-sacrifice. Working-class resistance has been, in general, slow to assert itself but now is growing…

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