McCluskey’s high-risk gamble to secure Corbyn’s ground. Join Unite and help

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mccluNews today of Len McCluskey’s intention to resign this week as General Secretary of Unite has come as a bolt from the blue. Or has it?

It’s been obvious for some time now that an attack on his leadership was going to be the culmination of the moves by Progress to pull Corbyn’s union support base out from under him – just as it’s obvious that the right-wing faction would happily lose the next election if it allows them to regain their control of the Labour party.

USDAW is already compromised. GMB is uncertain. Unison is heavily infiltrated and its leader’s loyalties in doubt. But for the Blairite faction to succeed in their ultimate aim it needs Unite under its control.

McCluskey was secure until the next Unite leadership election – in 2018, just as Corbyn’s Labour would be ramping up its preparations and campaigning for a 2020 election, giving…

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