Homelessness: Fifty years on from Cathy Come Home

It’s our problem


I walk home through Bradford. A ten minute walk to the train station. Here are just a few stories from the people I meet. It is by no means exhaustive. By the time I reach the train station I have nothing left to give.  This does not reflect well on me. I just don’t have any more resources (emotional or financial) to make much of a difference.  This is one street.

In a week in which a man in his thirties froze to death on the streets of Birmingham. I did a quick search on Homeless deaths due to the cold. It turned up many results and reflects a global disregard for our fellow citizens.  Do a quick search it is instructive but utterly heartbreaking.

But let us just start with the local.

Meeting obligations whilst homeless:  Sanctions.

Marek. He was a chef. He emigrated here. He speaks three languages…

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