A new kind of politics challenged by an old disease

Hope yet for Momentum. Thus hope for my Labour Party



This remarkable piece by Momentum activist Laura Catriona Murray and posted on Facebook exemplifies the cultural chasm between the new generation of activists mobilised by Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and the detritus of sectarian politics that still infests the British left.

Waking up the morning after the Momentum National Committee, I had that feeling you have after a horrible break-up from someone you love.

When you momentarily forget what happened, then you remember and the feeling of loss comes crushing down on you like a ton of bricks all over again.

It sounds like I’m being dramatic but for me, and so many people like me, Momentum has been imbued with meaning and significance above and beyond that of any other left-wing group or campaign.

We haven’t only invested time and energy in Momentum, we’ve invested hopes, dreams and visions for the future in it.

Most important for many of us was…

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