Exclusive: EU investigates UKIP re alleged €20m fraud – and child porn

9 Feb 2017
A date to savour


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It’s a matter of recent (but seemingly little-noticed) record that UKIP was found by an EU audit to have ‘misspent’ (i.e. taken on false premises and spent for things it shouldn’t, which most would call ‘theft’) 450,000 euros of EU funds. The deadline for the party to repay at least €170,000 of that sum passed earlier this month without, as far as can be ascertained, any repayment being made.

ft ukip.png

What appears not – until now – to be a matter of public record is the fact that…

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If you want rid of McNicol, you need to read this


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Iain McNicol, General Secretary of the Labour party, has been putting on quite a performance of late and not in a good way.

If you’re one of the many tens of thousands of Labour members, supporters or affiliate members who were deprived of a vote in the leadership election and/or you were suspended or even expelled from the party as part of the latest purge, or if you simply care about having a democratic Labour party that gets behind its leader to fight the reckless and damaging Tories, McNicol’s name will be mud – or several rungs below that.

If you’re a member of Wallasey CLP (Constituency Labour Party), currently still suspended indefinitely after false allegations of abuse and under further…

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14 reasons to #VoteLen – 4 more days to join to do it

Edifice v Artifice
McCluskey for me


mccluskeyThe SKWAWKBOX has posted articles this month about reasons not to vote for Gerard Coyne as the General Secretary of Unite, the support of the awful Labour First and Progress types for his candidacy and the cynical ‘Owen Smith’-like tactics his campaign are planning. Any of these would be reason enough not to vote for the challenger.

But there is a long list of reasons to vote for Len McCluskey, who resigned earlier this month to trigger the contest. All are strong, positive reasons based on the exceptional performance of the union under his leadership. 14 of them are contained in this handy graphic:


Coyne and his team offer an artifice – a ‘head in the sand’, small-minded and substanceless construct that attempts to fool voters into thinking their interests will be served by voting for him.

McCluskey offers an edifice – each of the reasons above and many more…

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Coyne copies Smith ‘strategy’ to win Unite. 4 more days to join and help stop him

The Labour Party and Unions are stronger together

Blair weakened the link
Corbyn strengthens it
McCluskey, too


coyne1Details of a ‘strategy’ document showing Gerard Coyne’s plan to try to defeat Len McCluskey for the Unite leadership have been revealed today by The Independent.

The so-called strategy – a combination of smears, smallmindedness and the fantasy of building “a new network of activists and members” to appeal to a hidden bulk of presumed anti-McCluskey members – is uncannily reminiscent of the tactics used by Owen Smith’s campaign in the summer’s Labour leadership battle. Odd, eh? No wonder he’s supported by Labour First and Progress.

coyne-wallCoyne: turning his back on the wider interests of his members, their families and society

In stark contrast to the cynical tactics outlined in the Coyne document, an actual Labour activist know on social media as ‘The Awakened’ has published a plain-speaking and down-to-earth appeal to Unite members that lays out exactly why Coyne must not be allowed to succeed:


This writer, a longstanding…

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#Brickgate – and the Alternative “Reality” of Conor Pope

Democracy is a loooong time coming
Thus is a dragged-out saga that leaves the High Command of the Labour Party showing malice, and inaction! Shame on them!

Wirral In It Together

23rd December 2016


Five months on, The Guardian have made an important correction to this article:

guardian-brickgate-correctionWe should emphasise that it’s only this article that’s been corrected.  All the other #FakeNews printed throughout summer 2016 still stands uncorrected and as nails in the coffin of the Guardian’s hard-earned reputation.

Some Conor Pope alternate reality tweets

Click on the above tweets to see the many reasonable, level-headed responses put forward by people occupying the real world, many of…

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Dear @Tom_Watson/@IainMcNicol: re #fakenews #Wallasey accusations

Swift to pounce
Slow to withdraw
i.e. Don’t hold your breath! Justice is a scarce commodity with the Bitter-Edge of Labour high Command


mcnicol1tom-watson-afp-news-xlarge_transpjliwavx4cowfcaekesb3kvxit-lggwcwqwla_rxju8Dear Iain McNicol and Tom Watson,

You will be well aware of the ongoing situation in Wallasey CLP, which remains suspended months after allegations of supposed abuse were made against it. I’ve been asked to write to you by a number of Wallasey members who, understandably, do not wish to be named.

The NEC disputes panel produced a risible report that claimed ‘everyone was telling the truth’, even though that conclusion does not fit the known facts and Angela Eagle went so far as to thank Jeremy Corbyn for his support at the hearing, even though he went there to oppose her, which any reasonable person would say raises questions about her reliability as a witness.

Recent events have shed further light on the inappropriateness of how this was handled.

  • The Guardian has issued a correction to its claim that the broken window was in Ms Eagle’s constituency office and…

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Guardian corrects re ‘Eagle’ window. If you work for #Progressonline, that’s ‘depressing’

I am really tired of repeating this information.
Is there anyone on this planet still think Angela Eagle’s office was attacked?
It wasn’t! End of!!!!!!


Remarkable and oh so telling tweet yesterday afternoon by Conor Pope, deputy editor of Progressonline:


That the Guardian bothered to correct an inaccuracy that has been blithely repeated ad nauseam by every mainstream media outlet is remarkable. Independent commentators have pointed out that the window was in a communal stairwell of the Wallasey building in which Ms Eagle’s constituency office is situated, not in her actual office.

The correction does not overclaim and should be uncontentious, you’d think. In fact, it underclaims – as an FOI response obtained from Merseyside police by the excellent ‘Wirral in it‘ blog has made clear, there is not even any solid evidence of the existence of the brick. Lots of things can break a window – elbows, fists, a snooker ball in a sock.

And even if there was a brick, there is absolutely no evidence that it was ‘thrown’…

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