Progress infiltrating Unison to tilt union balance away from deselection

Progress R regressive


A couple of days ago, the SKWAWKBOX revealed the ongoing efforts by Labour’s right-wing ‘party within a party’ Progress to infiltrate Unison, a hitherto pro-Corbyn union – and the sudden u-turn of the union’s General Secretary, who in 2012 wanted Progress to be ‘proscribed’ (banned from the Labour party) and has recently been appointing Progress members and supporters to key positions within Unison.

This move was considered dangerous by senior figures in Unison and the Labour party. Here’s why.

As the Financial Times (FT) revealed today, anti-Corbyn unions Community (ironically a subsidiary of pro-Corbyn Unite) and USDAW, along with the Co-operative Party that has 26 MPs who sit jointly as ‘Labour and Co-operative’, are organising a drive to create ‘branches’ in each constituency in an effort to block the deselection of MPs who have done little but destabilise and undermine the Labour party since Corbyn’s election in 2015.


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