What a (polling) difference a month of ‘moderate’ stfu makes

If only ALL Labour MPs turned to face our class enemy, the Conservative Party, and, in unison, consistently attacked them.


stfuSo, the latest IPSOS-Mori voting intention poll is out – and what a revelation it is:


After constant sniping about everything, including Labour’s ‘disastrous’ 18-point polling deficit that they (of course) blamed on the supposedly-‘unelectable’ Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s (anything-but-) ‘moderates’ have been relatively quiet for just a few weeks.

No positive contributions to speak of from the faction that considers itself Labour’s ‘best and brightest’.

Just relative silence.

As this blog observed last week, Trump’s election victory in the US clearly showed that even the most obviously malign idiot can win against a party whose Establishment undermines its best, most in-tune candidate in favour of ‘more of the same’.

And what happens if the ‘old guard’ simply keeps quiet? Labour gains 4% – and the Tories lose 5%. An overall 9% swing.

A halving of the polling deficit – in one month.


  • Because Corbyn is consistently winning PMQs, even…

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