Progress move on Unison next front in war on Corbyn?

Progress counterbalances Militant Tendency
Allow them both
Ban them both



A highly-placed source at the union has told this blog that a move on Unison may be the latest front opened by the ‘party within a party’ Progress group in its war on Labour’s democratically-elected leader Jeremy Corbyn.

It’s on record from their own mouths that the right-wingers within the party see organising as their best/only hope of negating Corbyn’s massive democratic mandate, as their months-long manoeuvre to stack September’s annual conference with their delegates in order to win a vote to stack the NEC with additional anti-Corbyn members showed.

Now it appears that the Unison union may be the next target.

In 2012, Unison General Secretary Dave Prentis went on the record to call for Progress to be ‘proscribed’ (i.e. banned) by the Labour party in a similar way to its 1980s left-wing counterpart Militant.

Agreeing with a similar call from the then-leader of the GMB union, Prentis didn’t…

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