Of course he wasn’t dancing. THIS is Corbyn dancing



If a claim is so ridiculous that even the Daily Mail decides to pull it, it’s a strong clue.

The Sun ‘newspaper’ has published a ludicrous claim that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was filmed dancing on the way to the Cenotaph for today’s service of Remembrance. It was initially also published by the Mail’s online version, but quickly pulled.

The claim was based on a series of stills designed, selected to make it appear as if Corbyn was skipping, twinkle-toed, to the Cenotaph. But to give that impression they had to crop out a veteran he was walking alongside.

If the images were of Corbyn dancing, he’s an accomplished dancer. I’ve seen him dance – and that is not him dancing. He has many great qualities, but a talent for dance is not one of them.

This is him dancing:


If the newspaper had claimed it was Barack Obama dancing…

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