Police caught red-handed making ‘weapons’ found at miners’ demo

Skwarking Orgreave
Police Plant Poles


Later this week I plan to publish an article covering the various pieces of compelling eye-witness testimony about Orgreave, the actions of police there and the involvement of army troops dressed as police officers, which have been sent to this blog following the articles on the Battle of Orgreave and the Tories’ motives for refusing a public inquiry last week.

richboroughRichborough Power Station

But one piece of evidence has come to light that bears immediate exposure. It does not concern events at Orgreave, but rather another miners’ demonstration at Richborough power plant in Kent. But what it reveals bears directly on the credibility of ‘evidence’ supposedly showing miners at Orgreave had come armed for battle, which authorities have claimed justified a police response best described as brutal.

The eyewitness, now a business owner in Kent, was a teenager at the time and used to fish in a pool near Richborough power…

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