#Brickgate – Police finally admit – There’s No Evidence to Conclude ‘Angela Eagle’s Window’ was Smashed by a Brick

Another brick in the fall of Angela Eagle

Wirral In It Together

merseyside-police-post-ico-complaint-disclosure30th November 2016

Five months on, Merseyside Police…

  • whilst possessing undisclosed information
  • after sitting on their hands and watching Angela Eagle and UK Labour allow uncontrolled falsehoods to be spread across 12+ national UK Newspapers for reckless political advantage,
  • then watching these fabrications being consolidated and built upon across national TV and Radio channels

…have finally admitted:

Although the damage to the window appears to have been attributed by the media to a brick, no conclusive information is held that the brick (which was at the scene) caused the damage.


So the question on everybody’s lips now should be, if no conclusive information is held that the brick (which was at the scene) caused the damage, what was it more likely to be?

If a brick is not likely to have caused the damage, who were the police looking for during their investigation?  Were they concentrating on potentially a vandal who’d put…

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Eagle constituent smacks down her (political) booty-call

Gall? What a polite way of expressing outrage!


The article just posted shows the staggering arrogance of a ‘booty-call’ email Wallasey MP Angela Eagle sent to her local members after supporting and applauding their suspension. In that article, I noted that many of those constituency members are, rightly, livid about the ‘neck’ of their MP asking them to deliver leaflets and set up stalls for her while they’re still suspended by a judgment she’s applauded.

Just after that article went live, I received a copy of an email sent by one member to Ms Eagle in response to her request. It speaks volumes about the ridiculous situation Wallasey Labour members find themselves in and the anger they feel about how they have been and continue to be treated:


It’s plainer than ever that Ms Eagle not only owes a profound apology to her local members for this email and even more for their treatment previously, but that if…

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Rogue company Unum had a profiteering hand in the government’s work, health and disability green paper

Facebook won’t like this, rumour has it…….

Politics and Insights

aaeaaqaaaaaaaamkaaaajgq4nzqyyjexltu3ngmtndk3zi1hmjgyltziytjkmjdhyzjmnwI wrote an extensive critique of the recent government green paper on work, health and disability. I mentioned that a government advisor, who is a specialist in labour economics and econometrics, has proposed scrapping all Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) sickness and disability benefits. Matthew Oakley, a senior researcher at the Social Market Foundation, recently published a report entitled Closing the gap: creating a framework for tackling the disability employment gap in the UK, in which he proposes abolishing the ESA Support Group.

I also said: “Oakely also suggests considering a “role that a form of privately run social insurance could play in both increasing benefit generosity and improving the support that individuals get to manage their conditions and move back to work.” 

And: “I’m sure the private company Unum (formerly UnumProvident) would jump at the opportunity. Steeped in controversy, with a wake of scandals that entailed the…

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Strike the Spark and Change the World

A positive future is possible



by Mike Quille

I want to change the world, I want to strike the spark or kick the pebble that will start the fire or the avalanche that will change the world a little.

– Fred Voss

Fred Voss wants to help change the world through his poetry because of the dire situation of the American working class. Real wages have stagnated or declined for decades, and huge inequalities between rich and poor have developed. The top 1% of the U.S. population own 35% of the wealth, and bonuses for bankers on Wall Street are more than double the total annual pay of all Americans on the federal minimum wage.

Against a background of de-industrialisation and the loss of jobs overseas, there is mass incarceration of males, police violence on Black youth, and attacks on trade unions and on the social safety net.

The outrageous consequence of this divisive class…

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‘UKIP’ Woolfe invite shows Blue Labour’s true colours

Blue Labour is NOT a spoof?????



The Labour faction calling itself “Blue Labour” (BL) would deny that the ‘blue’ in its name indicates a resemblance to the Tory party. But if that was ever true, it appears no longer to be the case.

If you’re fairly new to politics and don’t know much about BL, you don’t need to look much further than the fact that it considers immigration to be one of its central issues and numbers the awful Tom Watson and Frank Fields as key supporters.

Fields is a significant contributor to BL’s main publication, “Blue Labour: Forging a new Politics” and the group is also supported by the likes of Lisa Nandy and Graham Jones, who were prominent in the summer’s ‘chicken coup’ and spoke at the BL conference in Manchester last weekend.

And that conference. The presence of such personalities among its supporters speaks volumes about BL’s ‘weather vane’ nature, but even…

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Barrister: new Scots/Welsh Labour NEC members installed illegally

Illegality is the new norm


barristertxt.pngThe background

The SKWAWKBOX has covered at length the complete disregard for party rules and procedures that were used by the Labour party’s right-wing faction, including voted-0ut NEC (National Executive Committee) members about to lose their power, to crowbar two additional members onto the NEC in order to maintain a right-wing majority on Labour’s ruling committee that had been democratically removed.

The measure was forced through at Labour’s 2016 Conference by pre-packing the rule-change in a single bundle along with good rule-changes – and demands for proper voting procedures to be followed were steamrolled by the Chair in order to make sure the committee-rigging was successful.

The rule-change allowed the leaders of the Scottish and Welsh Labour parties – both opponents of Corbyn – to appoint a member each to the NEC with no democratic process. Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale appointed herself, even while at the same time demanding autonomy

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The new scandal that could end Blair’s comeback before it begins

Can you hear Major X? (ten, nine, eight, seven, six)
Time to take your protein pills and put your helmet on, Mr Blair!
Take a walk (but not on the Wild Side) To mix music metaphors, badly


sasThis article was published on this blog a week ago under a different title. It has now been covered byThe Canarywith the title “The fresh scandal that could end Tony Blair’s political comeback before it begins” – so a repost under the new title seems appropriate. Please share, so the word spreads and this is picked up by the mainstream as it should be:

Over recent weeks, the SKWAWKBOX has been privileged to provide explosive eyewitness testimony showing the involvement of military personnel impersonating police officers against striking miners at The Battle of Orgreave in 1984.

As a result of that series of articles, this writer was contacted by a former army officer (bona fides established) – whom we’ll call “Major X” – who confirmed that soldiers ‘routinely’ masqueraded as police officers in operations against what both the Blair and Major governments considered ‘extremist groups’ – but with…

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