Exclusive: new Wallasey CLP docs show Exec acted by the book – unlike accusers/NEC

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pd1A letter and supporting document written by Wallasey CLP’s (constituency Labour party) elected vice-Chair Paul Davies to the party’s General Secretary Iain McNicol have been provided to the SKWAWKBOX. These are reproduced in full below, with comments by this author.

Wallasey – like the Riverside CLP on the other side of the Mersey and Brighton Hove and District Labour party – became the subject of investigations by Labour’s National Executive Council’s ‘Disputes Panel’ (NECDP) after electing overwhelmingly pro-Corbyn executive committees. Allegations well after the fact materialised, many of them anonymous and – as far as can be ascertained – without substance or evidence, except one allegation that has been definitively proven false.

MPs and other elected officials fearing deselection, however, feature as an unmissable common thread.

The new Wallasey documents show the actions and plans of the CLP’s executive – and set them in stark contrast with the…

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