Labour “moderates”‘ shame on Saudi arms sales vote

Did you abstain?
Alison McGovern
Wes Streeting
Jamie Reed
Jon Woodcock
Stephen Kinnock
Angela Eagle
John Spellar
Ruth Smeeth
Caroline Flint
Gloria de Piero
John Mann
Tom Blenkinsop
Margaret Beckett
Kevan Jones
Did you?


On Wednesday, a debate was held in the House of Commons on a Labour motion for the suspension of arms sales to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis have been widely condemned for targeting civilians in Yemen, with one third of air-strikes hitting non-combatants.

The Tory government fought the motion. Hardly surprisingly, since it has completely abdicated its international obligations.

International treaties to which the UK is a signatory, as well as commitments under EU rules and the UK’s own regulations, say that arms export licences cannot be granted if there is a risk weapons will be used in a ‘serious violation of international humanitarian law’. Parliament is well aware that there is more than just a ‘risk’ of this in Yemen:


In spite of this, in a remarkable answer to a written Parliamentary question, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon stated that it wasn’t the UK government’s business where and when the Saudis drop bombs…

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