Hodges’ racism slur on me makes him ridiculous but the tactic is deadly serious

Dan Who????


Well, that was an interesting hour or so and not in a good way.

In it, a so-called ‘journalist’, all-too-often featured on TV as well as in right-wing rags, managed to both disgrace himself and provide an object lesson in the cynical ‘weaponising’ of antisemitism and racism generally by a faux-Left desperate to divert attention from the light shed on its moral bankruptcy by Jeremy Corbyn’s integrity and track record.

The trigger for it all was my having the temerity to respond to an emetic tweet by Hodges – who says he used to be a Labour supporter, astonishingly – in which he attempted in his usual snarky fashion to smear Jeremy Corbyn by smearing his supporters:


Personally, I’m ‘staggered’ at the constant attacks on Shami Chakrabarti, which to me appear driven by racism, especially given that the report she prepared was welcomed by even right-wing Jewish groups until it became…

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