Exclusive – Wallasey Branch of Constituency Labour Party – Timeline to Wallasey CLP Suspension

A non-comedic version of Much Ado About Nothing OR Labour’s version of Lynton Crosby’s # DeadCat
Brilliantly written

Wirral In It Together

they are not scared of jeremy corbyn they are scared of you - chunkymark Watercolour by @ChunkyMark

3rd August 2016 ~date of publication on Wirral In It Together blog

Source – Mr Paul Davies, Vice Chair, Wallasey Constituency Labour Party

Timeline to Wallasey CLP Suspension

  • Total Unity in the Wallasey Labour Party until June 27th  2016

  • June 2015 Wallasey CLP nominate Jeremy Corbyn as Leader and Angela Eagle as Deputy

  • CLP run by Angela Eagle’s closest supporters until June 24th 2016

  • No complaints about intimidation, entryism or homophobia before June 24th 2016

  • Friday 24th June  AGM; Angela Eagle sends her apologies to her CLP Annual General Meeting  which is the first meeting of her CLP since the EU Referendum and 3 days before she decides to resign and contemplate a leadership bid

  • The AGM  attendance is 44 delegates from a total membership of 1300. The vast majority are long-standing members and most were delegates the previous year

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