Analysis: what Chuka Umunna left out to justify CHAC hatchet job #Smearwegoagain

More evidence of Lynton Crosby’s #DeadCat being used by the BitterRight within Labour


This morning, the SKWAWKBOX published an analysis of the Commons Home Affairs Committee (CHAC) report that attacked Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – even though the report itself is riddled with inconsistencies and even concludes that there is no evidence for a particular antisemitism problem in the Labour party.

Also today, Chuka Umunna, CHAC member and leading figure in Progress, the ‘right-wing entryist’ faction in Labour, issued a statement about the report in which he attempted to use statistics to justify his stance.

Daniel Fraser (@scepticseeker on Twitter) wrote a superb counter to Umunna’s claims, in which he dissects the claim of unique growth in antisemitic incidents in the UK by laying out the increase in other areas, which Mr Umunna disingenuously omitted from his calculations. Daniel has kindly given permission to reproduce that response here, in order to get the word out. It is quoted below just as he wrote it…

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