Exclusive: Labour NEC member talks about ‘silent coup’ attempt

Ultra-right attempt to undermine Corbyn at Conference examined


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the secondattempted coup by right-wing Labour functionaries, through an orchestrated and concerted attempt to force through rule-changes at the party’s annual conference that would allow them to stack the National Executive Committee (NEC) with anti-Corbyn members, just before the NEC reconvened with a Corbyn-supporting majority, after all 6 ‘CLP’ positions on the committee were taken by left-wing candidates supported by the CLGA (Centre-Left Grassroots Alliance).

Since writing that article, a number of people have asked which Labour rules were broken in the anti-democratic action at the Conference, since it mentions NEC member Christine Shawcroft speaking from the podium to remind the Conference Chair Paddy Lillis that the rules mandate a properly-counted ‘card vote’ if a delegate asks for one.

So I thought it might be helpful to lay out exactly how the rules were broken and sought out an NEC member…

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