Angell’s NEC manoeuvering shows Labour unity depends on Progress expulsion

LabourProgress is an oxymoron


A couple of weeks ago, the SKWAWKBOX covered the shameful, anti-democratic attempt by the right-wing, Progress/Labour First faction to rig Labour’s National Executive Council (NEC) against leader Jeremy Corbyn by crowbarring additional, unelected members onto the Council to cancel out Corbyn’s democratically-achieved majority on Labour’s principal steering body. This move amounted to a second, silent coup.

The attempt was temporarily successful, primarily because the Conference Chair ignored party rules to prevent a proper ballot on how the rule-change would be voted on. The SKWAWKBOX article closed by highlighting the step that Corbyn needed to take to undo the coup attempt:

If the measure passes a Conference vote, Jeremy Corbyn must take any actions necessary to negate it, whether that be shuffling people like Jon Ashworth, who has voted against Corbyn in every NEC vote, out so that they are removed from the equation and replaced by a better MP, or…

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