Feminism and Racism

Tish Naughton Feminism and Racism


I am seeing a lot of anxiety provoking posts about European ( subtext white) women being vulnerable to rapes perpetrated by “refugees”,  or other perceived attacks on women’s rights from migrant , refugee or simply Muslim communities. Sweden is a particular focus and it seems to be driven by a (wilful?) misinterpretation of how Sweden collates its data. Don’t take my word for it :

Often this is followed by  a seemingly innocuous plea that immigrants usually as “they” must abide by the laws and values of the “host” country. So what does that mean?  It does warrant some unpacking when the expression of concern, about the treatment of women, is contextualised to the refugee crisis or conceived of as solely a Muslim/ Islamic or Asian problem.

As a feminist who went to school in Dewsbury ,with its large Muslim…

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