As I Please Column for Tribune for 5th August 2016

A balanced view of Corbyn

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It’s one of the richer ironies, among all the ironies snapping round our knees right now, that the greatest breakthrough in human communication since the advent of printing turned out so quickly to result in a total breakdown in human understanding. We can now instantly communicate with each other across the globe, more or less unmediated, and I suppose at some point some naive hippy techie assumed this would lead to a worldwide community of shared knowledge and wisdom, a kind of benign hivemind, to the betterment of us all. Instead what we’ve ended up with is an almost infinite archipelago of solipsisms.

We should, perhaps, have seen this coming. Remember what happened when printing arrived in Europe around 1450. Hitherto, all that mad, Tourettic shit seething and boiling away inside each individual human’s head more or less had to stay there as the options for releasing it were few…

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