Spark the Paperback is Now Out!

Spark is out

Rupert Dreyfus

So finally; Spark the paperback is now out and you can get it here.

Here’s the trailer:

And here’s some praise for my writing:

“This is a scorchingly brilliant book and Dreyfus is an authentic and vital writer.”

-Morning Star

“Dreyfus writes with the darkly absurd humour of a thirsty and somewhat paranoid Jonathan Swift.”

-Pop Matters

Spark stands as an excellent appraisal of the forces that govern us in the 21st century – the phoenix-like rise of the free market after 2008, the near-Orwellian nature of New Labour-created mass surveillance, and the rabid creep of corporatocracy. If his work doesn’t make you think, I suggest getting your doctor to prescribe a course of fluoride tablets, subscribe to the Daily Mirror, and vote in this year’s X Factor.

-Steve Topple, journalist

For the Dreyfus die hards who are waiting for new stories: I aim to release Broke

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