STC Tory Censorship!

Stanley TORIES
Really really like Censorship

Swanley & District Labour Party

5 Live investigates Sunday 3rd April 11.00am Radio 5The Tories are demanding Swanley & District Labour Party takes down the following web pages:

Key Facts

  • It was a resident at a public meeting that raised the questions about financial competence of Swanley Town Council after he revealed the losses they had made.
  • It was a Tory, Cllr Ray Morris, Chair of the Swanley Banqueting Board who replied: “The bit which you actually picked up on -which is great-  because you studied the Account in GREAT DETAIL is that we are actually clearly accounting the situation…we are aware of the situation and that’s why we have the change as far as Banqueting was concerned.” He did not say then that it was an abusive, or offensive question.
  • It is Swanley Town Council who have paid out tens of thousands of pounds in out of court Industrial Tribunal settlements.
  • It is Tory…

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