“As I Please” Column for Tribune: On Brexit, 9th July 2016

Martin Rowson eloquently RANTS

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Like half the rest of the country, I can’t yet put a name to this feeling I wake up with every morning, the mixture of anxiety and despair I last felt twelve years ago when both my parents died within three months of each other. Maybe, by the time you read this, it’ll have a proper clinical name, because “grief” isn’t quite right. I’m not grieving for the EU as such: the EU, don’t forget, is a badly run conspiracy of Thatcherite bankers which twice in the last six years staged coups d’etat against democratically elected government in Italy and Greece in order to appease the bond markets. Nor am I grieving that an even worse pack of ruthless Thatcherites appears to have won: I wouldn’t have been contributing to Tribune for the past 22 years if I wasn’t inured to the depressing truth that utter bastard continue to run…

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