The Future Is There For The Taking, Now Is The Time To Wage Class War Against The Rich

The elite from the Left?

the void

class-war-500The pampered middle classes of the so-called left are furious.  “Racists” they spit from their white only enclaves whilst Eastern Europeans on the minimum wage clean up their shit in the background.  How dare the poor not vote the way the privileged demanded.  What betrayal, they rage, that those with nothing might have put house prices, foreign holidays and cheap au pairs at risk.

The likelihood of course is that none of those things are will be significantly  affected.  There will certainly be no forced deportations or militarised borders.  The negotiations to leave the EU will be a swamp that may yet end more political careers. Up to two million UK citizens living in the EU is a big bargaining chip for the Brussels bureacrats.  No dramatic change is coming overnight.

But even the merest chance that that just for once politics might actually affect them is enough to send…

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Sparking a Revolution


Rupert Dreyfus

Greetings, folks.

All is rotten in the state of the UK. We’re basically trapped inside Nigel Farage’s wet dream for the foreseeable and it isn’t pretty. No time for writing about that now but rest assured I’ll be venting over the recent political developments for Consented in due course. I’m currently trying to process which angle I’m going to come at it from because there are too many up for consideration. One thing is for certain: if we don’t keep focused then we’ll go under. That’s why I’m putting out next month’s blog early as it’ll allow me to be more focused over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile I’m putting the last bits and bobs in place before releasing the paperback version of Spark. The book sleeve is finished and it looks fantastic. I’m just sorting out some last minute technical stuff which I won’t bore you with and then hopefully…

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English football hooliganism: The UK political establishment’s trade-off

The English

Road To Somewhere Else

By Daniel Margrain

A teargas grenade explodes near an England fan ahead of England's EURO 2016 match in Marseille, France
Violence erupts on the streets of MarseilleCREDIT: REUTERS

Almost 18 years ago to the day, the English national football team beat Tunisia 2-0 in the opening game of their World Cup campaign in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille in the south of France. For many, the victory was overshadowed by the violence off the pitch that preceded it. For the last three days running, football hooliganism in Marseille involving England fans has once again dominated the media headlines. Reuters journalist Mitch Phillips described the influx of the first wave of 70,000 England fans on the French port city. According to Phillips:

“….the fans wasted no time establishing a foothold in Vieux Port to start three days of drinking and singing ahead of Saturday’s Euro 2016 match against Russia. Noisy and boisterous, bare-chested and full of lager and bravado, they draped the flags around the Queen Victoria…

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