Nazis to the left of me, Nazis to the right…

Excellent analysis of dead-cats in election week

Mountain People

Despite the best intentions of the likes of Louise Mensch, the wild accusations of anti-Semitism that greeted Jeremy Corbyn’s triumphant election to leader of the Labour Party never really stuck, mainly due to there being no real evidence of the ‘fact’. All that has changed this week with the quite disgraceful behaviour, not of Ken Livingstone or Naz Shah (who is on far shakier ground than Ken), but of John Mann.

The furore began when Naz Shah was pulled up and suspended for a pretty appalling tweet. Her suggestion that Israel be re-located into the US, and especially the use of the word “re-locate” given its connotations with Nazi euphemisms used during the Holocaust, was unpleasant and unnecessary to say the least. However it is important to point out that she was referring to Israel, not Jews. It can therefore be viewed as anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist but not anti-Semitic. Most observers…

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