John Mann Is Not A Hero. He’s A Bully.

A balanced view of @Ken4London daring to mention “Hitler”

Turning the Tide

On Thursday, Ken Livingstone made some remarks during a BBC radio London interview, which, unless you’ve been trekking in the Antarctic, you will have read or heard by now.

The perspectives on his comments are as many and varied as the people who hold them, from those who are deeply offended, to those who are adamant he said nothing wrong.

Many in the latter category, are honing in on the fact that some of what he said turned out to be factually correct. Others agree, but make the case that his impromptu – and some would argue uncalled for – history lesson was sparse on detail and lacking in context.

But whilst many hang their heads in despair as yet another bad news story for Labour dominates the headlines, there are those with an anti-Labour agenda who can barely conceal their glee. The fact that many in this camp are…

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Leading members of Brexit campaign call for privatisation of the NHS (and much worse)

Brexit are RightWing extremists

Pride's Purge

For the record, here are just a few of the views on the NHS – and other things – of leading members of the Brexit campaigns:

Michael Gove (co-convener Vote Leave) – in 2009 called for the dismantling of the NHS. Link here.

Matthew Elliott (chief executive Vote Leave) – is the founder of the Taxpayers Alliance – which has long argued for the break-up of the NHS and private competition in healthcare. Link here.

Philip Davies (Better Off Out Campaign) – once blocked plans to reverse private sector involvement in the NHS by talking out (or filibustering) a private member’s bill. Link here.

Dominic Cummings (campaign director Vote Leave) – once said less privileged children do worse at school due to what he called their “inferior genes”. Link here.

Dominic Raab (campaign committee member Vote Leave) – as recently as last month advocated privatising the NHS. Link here.

Peter Bone (campaign…

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“As I Please” Column for Tribune, 15th April 2016: On Cameron’s Money

David Cameron:- “He is, in short, as useless at lying as at everything else – has been seen, both in politics and its gilded mirror in the media, as his greatest strength.” By Martin Rowson

My Blog

There’s a question David Cameron has repeatedly failed to answer for at least the last six years, and that’s because no one’s asked him it. This is despite me badgering my contacts in both Parliament and those parts of the Press with far greater access to Prime Ministers than you average cartoonist. Anyway, the unasked question goes like this: “Given your birth and education, when you sought a career outside politics why didn’t you choose one of the usual professions typical of your class? Why did you go into Public Relations rather than, say, the Law, the Services, Banking or Estate Management? Is it because you enjoy lying, or because think you’re any good at it?”

It’s yet another indictment of the disconnection of our masters, hidden away in the foetid Mount Athos of their self regard, that Cameron’s obvious implausibility – that he is, in short, as useless at…

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The Disease of Curiosity


The Echo Chamber Podcast

There’s a bug going around at the moment. It’s highly contagious and very easy to catch. You can get it on a barstool or even at your office desk. It can be passed on at the tills in Tesco or between parents huddled at the side of a pitch. This disease is very dangerous and represents a threat to our very way of life.

In his autobiographical work, The Confessions of St Augustine, the 4th Century Bishop wrote: “There is another form of temptation, even more fraught with danger. This is the disease of curiosity”. It was a plea against learning for the sake of learning. It was a way of telling the faithful that God has all the answers. Gods soldiers on earth can give you all the guidance you need and that to seek out other answers was to undermine God and be dragged into temptations…

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