“As I Please” Column for Tribune,14th March 2016: On Brexit

Words of Martin Rowson

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I remember feeling like this when Neil Hamilton sued Mohamed Al-Fayed for libel in 2001, or when George Galloway debated late-period neo-con Christopher Hitchens in New York in 2005: how can we fix it so both sides lose? Because that’s exactly how I feel about the so-called “Brexit” referendum and the non-debate leading interminably up to it.
(To digress for a moment, the term “Brexit” should be copyrighted to my old friend and Tribune contributor Denis MacShane, who first coined this portmanteau neologism which sounds like a cross between a laxative biscuit and a 1970s Swedish crime-caper porn film. Then Denis would get paid each time another pundit uses the damn word, and God knows but he needs the money.)
When I say I want both sides to lose, I’m not merely calling for a plague on both their houses. That suggests I don’t want anyone to win, which isn’t…

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